0102 A250434-C S De, Ht, Ni, Po

Aridicus is a small world only just over 3200km in diameter, It has a thin but breathable atmosphere , and no surface water present. The planet has a temperate climate, its 600000 inhabitants are surface dwelling. The planet is ruled by a Hereditary Government and in many ways is akin to the early Roman era on Terra, Law on Aridicus fairly liberal – though it is currently experiencing somewhat of a civil war with 3 rival factions fighting for the meager resources left on world.

Aridicus is a planet steeped in history, several of the notable families can trace their linage back to the days before records. Military service has always been important on Aridicus, stemming back to its more tribal days when the deep wells were the focal points of civilisation and needed guarding from the marauding tribes of the plains.

The military forces of Aridicus the “Lej-Sheon” was originally just a ground force but split 300 years ago into a ground force and a dry navy force, when with the advent of lighter material and advance metal alloys it was possible to move war machines across the vast flat plains via land yachts. Though today the naval forces have advanced to the air and space fleets, the army has adopted the old land yacht and produce a variety of land ships with which to engage any enemy.
This off course has set a level of animosity between the two branches and you will find separate facilities and districts planet side that are in one camp or the other.

Currently today Aridicus is ruled by the Hite family it leader Duchess Aradicia Hite has ruled for several generations, and is generally viewed as a good leader, though there are three factions currently making moves against the ruler though she is resisting their attacks quite well.

this is the homeworld of Marquis Enjald Hite


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