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So many many many moons ago when I purchased TNE I got to thinking about something similar for CT and I came up with “The 30 Worlds” at the time is was playing a bit of Rolemaster and Spacemaster so I kept referring back to Dark Space, and although “The 30 Worlds” is certainly not a Bio-Horror setting some of the themes of isolation and xenophobia have carried through. Traveller progressed as did my life, T20 came and went and I started getting back into CT at the time we were juggling between several campaigns so CT didnt always get the spotlight. I kept writing and jotting ideas down, and started several mapping exercises to flesh out the Subsector then one day Mong Traveller came across my desk and I thought time to dust off that old setting I started so long ago. Digging out old notes and archives can be fun, it can also be frustrating I have lost a considerable amount of data to 2 HD crashes and my trusty old note file seems to have disappeared over the course of several moves – so I am slowly going through the process of transferring all I have left and filling in the blanks anew here.

Any way with out further ado let me introduce

The 30 Worlds
A unique Traveller setting in a war torn Subsector

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The 30 Worlds ChrisVonPickles